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Enhancing Emergency Response: The Role of Maintenance Management Software for the Emergency Services

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For the emergency services, an equipment failure is not just inconvenient – it can endanger people’s lives. By using Idhammar Response, our cloud based computerised maintenance management software (CMMS), you can reduce the chances of encountering problems with equipment at critical times.

Idhammar Response – CMMS for the Emergency Services

Imagine that the local fire service receives an emergency call regarding a massive fire outbreak in a residential area. The fire appliances and equipment need to be fully operational and ready to respond immediately. Idhammar’s asset management software, Idhammar Response, can help to ensure the fire crews can respond as fast as possible with fully operational equipment.

Real-Time Asset Status

The fire service can use Idhammar’s software to monitor the status of their vehicles and equipment in real time. They are able to immediately see which fire engines are available, and their maintenance histories. This information allows them to ensure that vehicles are always ready for dispatch in the most efficient manner.

Prioritised Maintenance Tasks

Our maintenance software can automatically generate maintenance work orders based on predefined preventive maintenance schedules. Technicians can receive notifications to inspect and service the fire appliances promptly. Idhammar Response prioritises critical maintenance tasks, ensuring that essential equipment is always in good condition, and ready for future emergencies.

Rapid Fault Detection and Resolution

During the emergency response, if a fire engine encounters a mechanical issue or malfunction, the onboard diagnostics can be immediately reported through our Idhammar Connect software, even in locations where Wi-Fi is not available. The system alerts the maintenance team, who can analyse the problem remotely or on-site.

Efficient Inventory Management

Idhammar’s CMMS can help the fire department manage its spare parts inventory effectively. In case a fire appliance requires a replacement part, the software instantly identifies the availability of the required component.

Our software generates a purchase order for the specific part if the quantity in stock falls below the minimum reorder point, ensuring that it is replenished promptly to minimise downtime. This enables the fire department to swiftly repair the fire engine and return it to service for future emergencies.

Post-Incident Equipment Checks and Inventories

Following an incident equipment can very often end up on the wrong appliance and in the wrong location. Idhammar Reponse’s Inventory app allows all equipment on a vehicle to be scanned post incident to identify equipment that is in the incorrect location and equipment that is missing. Idhammar Response also comes with an inspection app that allows after use checks to be performed on equipment used to ensure it is ready for re-use at the next incident

Keeping Track of Medical Equipment with Idhammar CMMS

Ambulances need to be well-equipped with functional and properly maintained medical equipment at all times to provide prompt and effective patient care. Idhammar’s CMMS can play a crucial role in managing and tracking the life-saving medical equipment carried by ambulances. There are 450 ambulances spread across 70 ambulance stations in London alone – so efficient management of equipment is critical, and could even mean the difference between life and death.

Equipment Inventory Management

All ambulance fleets must keep track of their inventory to make sure equipment is always available for ambulance crews when responding to calls. Each ambulance is equipped with a range of devices, such as defibrillators, monitors, oxygen cylinders, and stretchers.

Idhammar Response allows ambulance services to maintain a comprehensive inventory of medical equipment. Our CMMS keeps track of essential details about each piece of equipment, including its unique identifier, purchase date, warranty information, and maintenance history.

Equipment Maintenance Schedules

Being prepared in advance is key for managing a fleet of emergency vehicles stocked with medical equipment. Idhammar’s CMMS allows ambulance services to plan preventive maintenance schedules in advance for their medical equipment. They can set up recurring maintenance tasks for inspections, calibration, and performance checks.

These schedules ensure that the equipment remains in optimal working condition, and reduces the risk of critical malfunctions during emergency situations.

Maintenance Notifications and Work Orders

It’s easy for work orders and maintenance schedules to get mixed up or even forgotten about when a proper system is not in place.

When a maintenance task is due for specific medical equipment, Idhammar’s CMMS can generate notifications for maintenance technicians as well as the ambulance crew. The system prompts them to perform the necessary inspections, tests, or repairs.

If a technician’s involvement is required, our CMMS can create work orders specifying the task details, priority, and deadlines. This ensures that the equipment receives regular attention and that any potential issues are addressed promptly.

Tracking Equipment

Idhammar’s CMMS tracks the usage and movement of medical equipment across ambulances. Each time a piece of equipment is used, the system records the date, time, and ambulance ID. It can also help by monitoring the utilisation patterns of the equipment, identifying high-demand items, and planning for equipment redistribution or replacements based on usage statistics.

Asset Availability and Deployment

It’s not uncommon for medical equipment to get exchanged between different ambulances. Of course, the worst-case scenario here is that an ambulance turns up to an emergency without the necessary equipment needed, and someone could lose their life.

In emergency situations, Idhammar’s CMMS provides real-time visibility into the availability and readiness of medical equipment in each ambulance. Dispatchers can access the CMMS to determine which ambulance is equipped with specific devices required for a particular medical condition or emergency. This ensures that the right equipment is available in the nearest ambulance, enabling faster response times and more efficient patient care.

Equipment Compliance and Documentation

Records of all maintenance and inspections must be kept in order to ensure that all ambulances and equipment are in line with legal requirements.

Idhammar’s CMMS assists ambulance services in maintaining compliance with regulatory standards and documentation requirements. The system stores equipment maintenance records, calibration certificates, and service reports, facilitating easy access during audits or inspections.

It helps in demonstrating that the medical equipment has been properly maintained and is fit for use, ensuring patient safety and adherence to legal obligations.

In Closing

Idhammar understands how important management software is for emergency services. Our state-of-the-art CMMS can help to keep track of inventory, manage work orders, schedule regular maintenance, and even prompt orders for new parts when required. These automated tasks free up valuable time for firefighters, ambulance crews, and police officers, so they can concentrate on their important work.

Get in touch with Idhammar today to book a demo or request more information about Idhammar Response and how it can help you.

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