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Idhammar Response: The solution for the Emergency Services

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Asset management is among the most important tools for the emergency services, enabling teams to rapidly respond to every critical situation. Diligently managing the condition of assets is also vital, ensuring that vehicles and equipment are always ready for action when an emergency strikes, and that as many lives can be saved as possible.

Paper based test cards and defect books are far from efficient. Using these outdated methods when better options are available puts lives at risk unnecessarily. The same can be said of outdated software that is not up to speed with modern standards.

Read on to find out exactly how Idhammar Response, our asset management software, arms the emergency services with a state of constant readiness.

Fault Prediction

Idhammar Response‘s Condition Tracker module not only ensures that service providers can maintain their vehicles and equipment properly – it predicts and mitigates failures. The early warning system prevents unexpected breakdowns that could have drastic consequences.

With budgets being stretched thinly, it is more important than ever to ensure that the costs of repairing or replacing damaged equipment are kept to a minimum. This is especially important for smaller departments that are under pressure to respond to calls with less equipment available. Extending the lifetime of any asset is key in this scenario.

Pre-empting failures is also vital for the safety of firefighters. Unexpected equipment malfunctions may lead to life-threatening consequences, and so having the means to predict and prevent this is vital.

Inventory Control

Idammar Response Inventory Control module ensures the emergency services have the necessary tools to be as effective as possible in their lifesaving mission. It also saves time, as personnel won’t have to spend valuable minutes searching for equipment and supplies.

Scenarios can arise that cause supplies to be quickly depleted. These types of situations need to be anticipated and managed, and data collection and analysis makes this possible.

In addition, our software includes an automatic re-ordering feature so that staff are never short on vital PPE, appliances, or anything else they need.

Scenario Planning

In situations where scenario planning is required, having the means to accurately plan the allocation of assets ahead of time is a vital component in the success of such planning.

A prime example is the allocation of vehicles and resources in areas where wildfires are commonplace during certain months. Another situation was the allocation of ventilators during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Managing Geographically Distributed Assets

Without the appropriate systems in place, managing assets and equipment across multiple locations is difficult. Thankfully Idhammar Response stores critical data from defect logs, testing, inventory checks and more on a centralised server. Staff can also record station tests and inventory control checks using mobile devices.

Using a system like this means that data generated by every action is stored centrally, which makes it possible to gain comprehensive insights. It also makes it easy to view equipment histories, allocate resources, and improve all processes, no matter where the team is located.


Asset management software automates various processes and makes it easier to track, manage, and analyse data. Again, small departments have less personnel available to perform the same range of duties, making automation a priority.

By taking the manual work out of operations, more resources can be directed towards delivering vital services for the community.

Faulty equipment can be the difference between life and death for police officers, who enter dangerous and unpredictable situations daily – a faulty radio is of no use when an officer needs to call for immediate backup. With all policing equipment undergoing checks before and after each shift, having an efficient way to track these checks and automate any associated processes is invaluable.

Powerful Processing

The emergency services need to track thousands of vital assets. The volume of data generated – and the critical nature of these assets – requires a robust system that can securely store data and process it efficiently. This ensures that staff can focus on doing their job and responding to calls, as well as engage in other valuable activities such as training.


Paper based systems are at the mercy of human error. However, a cloud based system ensures all test results, default logging and other information is correctly recorded and available to view forever, anytime and from any location. This also allows for robust quality assurance audits.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Real-time insights allow for a rapid response. The dashboards of our OEE Monitoring module automatically refresh and send notifications about important changes. Work orders can then be updated and automatically sent to a maintenance management system, ensuring that maintenance is never delayed.


Constant readiness is vital due to the critical nature of emergency service operations. Pre-empting and mitigating equipment faults and ensuring that supplies are available in the right place at the right time are essential practices. They are essential not only for being prepared to carry out vital missions, but also for ensuring the safety of workers on the job.

Our cloud based software helps providers to keep track of everything with superior levels of accuracy and rigour. Doing so means more lives are saved every day.

Cloud technology provides the most advanced performance. It allows data to be stored centrally, accessed remotely at any time, and protects it from loss. The cloud also provides powerful processing capabilities that provides essential real-time insights and the overall efficiency that is critical in this industry.


To find out how Idhammar Systems can help your organisation to save more lives, contact us today.

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