Our complementary Consultancy Services help you to secure stakeholder buy-in, shop-floor engagement, and senior level commitment

Becoming a data-centric culture

Managing change is an often-complex challenge. A change management strategy is critical for realising the benefit of your new applications, your transition to digitisation, and your ability to harness and share data in real-time, for real-time improvements. It is also critical for optimising your return on investment.

Idhammar Systems are catalysts for change; across your operations and your culture. affecting departments, functions, and roles across the organisation.

Idhammar Systems’ in-house experts deliver leading consultancy across four essential topics:

Lean Manufacturing and OEE
OEE data is a core driver of Lean Manufacturing. We’ll guide you through how to extract maximum value from your data to discover, enable, and measure improvements.
Continuous Improvement (CI)
Continuous Improvement is about improved material utilisation, and reductions in labour variance, scrap and rework costs. We’ll help you use MMS and OEE tools to achieve performance improvement.
Lean TPM
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a step beyond Lean Maintenance and Manufacturing towards reducing all forms of ‘waste’ in the process. We’ll help you focus on measuring the effectiveness of TPM initiatives.
Energy Management
Focus on energy efficiency is the order of the day in any organisation. Our consultants are experts in helping you perfect the art—operating the factory as effectively as possible to reduce breakdowns, inefficient start-ups, slow-running equipment, rejects and under-utilised capacity.


Idhammar Systems Implementation Service ensures your systems are installed with minimal disruption to your operation and fastest time to go-live:

Planning / Project Management
The planning phase focuses on examining your training, hardware and software requirements, configurations, internal and external resources, time scales and project ownership. Our dedicated Project Management team then works with you to deliver on time, and on budget.
Data Cleansing/ Database Realignment
Your databases may be populated by out-of-date (and sometimes even out-of-compliance) data. We clean the data to produce useful “Information from Data”. Our remote services include system management, to ensure information is used to drive your improvement programmes.
Post-Implementation Review
A Post-Implementation Review with the whole project team ensures that Idhammar Systems has helped you create the foundations for rapid ROI. At this stage, process improvement and better system use opportunities are documented for consideration and planning.
Technical installation / configuration / implementation
With the plan in place, the Idhammar Systems’ technical team can set about implementing your systems for maximum efficiency. All external systems integration requirements, and data capture/migration are addressed during installation and configuration.
Training and Assistance
On- or off-site training—for IT administrators, management users and operators—is provided during system implementation phase. The modular system is easy to navigate and user-friendly, and trained staff will often be able to share knowledge with colleagues.


Collate and manage information from disparate systems throughout your company

Our Development Team is experienced on multiple operating systems whilst ISO9001:2008 procedures are followed to ensure quality software and services are provided.

Standard System Integration
Idhammar’s CMMS and OEE Systems integrate with other systems including ERP, Financial, Time Recording, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Our application integration consultants can provide you with the expertise to design, build and implement interfaces to complement your other applications.
Bespoke Software Development
If you require a system for which there is no package available or suitable, our skilled Systems Analysts and Developers can work with you to design, build and implement the system of your choice.
Integrated MMS and OEE Systems
Idhammar Systems’ modules share a database, enabling access to asset details. The solution improves communications to and from Maintenance Engineers so that OEE Stoppage Events and Improvement Agenda plans are automatically linked with Work Orders, with Status Alerts and Prioritisation Flags.

Idhammar Knowledge Base

Your resource for insights and guidance on maintenance and asset management

Our Knowledge Base gives you access to articles, product information, instructional videos, updates, webinars and FAQs. It also provides a forum for our customers to discuss and share ideas and experiences.

What you need, when you need it
  • Training content accessible 24/7/365
  • Live and on-demand webinars and podcasts on hot topics
  • Archive of all webinars and Idhammar online events
  • A safe environment for content related questions and feedback
Keep abreast of the issues that matter
On a regular basis, we upload insightful content in collaboration with our customers:
  • Self-learning online courses
  • Individual product modules
  • Customised material for organisations


Maximise your potential with standard systems training and/or tailor-made courses

Refresher Training
When new users are introduced to an Idhammar System after the implementation project has been completed, trained users will be able to pass on much of what they have learnt to them. However, by logging on for remote ‘refresher’ training for 1-2 hours, both new and existing users are provided with answers to all their questions enabling them to use the system to better effect.
Stock & Purchasing Training
General Stock & Purchase Management, Advanced Purchasing, and Advanced Stock Management are workshops designed to assist customers with ambitious inventory reduction plans.
Advanced Systems Training
To help IT administrators and Systems Sponsors to understand the full functionality of our systems, we offer workshop training for System Familiarisation, System Administrator, and Advanced Technical.
Advanced Maintenance Training
For users with ambitious Maintenance Budget reduction targets or compliance challenges we offer training in:
  • Work Order Management
  • Plant Structure and Document Management
  • Planned and Predictive Maintenance Management

Customer support

Idhammar Systems are committed to continuous improvements for your operations. Our Customer Services Team focusses on keeping our systems operating effectively in your organisation. We’re always on hand to provide onsite assistance as required.

Help Desk Assistance

Our annual support service agreement gives you access to our specialist Technical Help Desk, offering:
  • Application and user support
  • Remote IT assistance.
  • Direct and dedicated web access is available for software realignment and database normalising procedures

Remote System Management

Our technical experts can undertake additional system management activities on your behalf:
  • System configuration
  • User registration and Security management
  • Printer configuration
  • Backup management
  • Generation, review and distribution of key reports



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