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The complete suite of CMMS and OEE tools for maintaining your assets and / or optimising production


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Identify easily where your attention should be focused at any one time. Idhammar CMMS applications pinpoint your maintenance priorities; focusing on enabling organisations—Automotive Manufacturers, Emergency Services, Food and Beverage, General manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, Print and Packaging, Paper Processing and Production, Utilities and Facilities—to anticipate where problems may lie and improvement opportunities await.
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Through a single view of the truth, accessible to any permitted user, anywhere, Idhammar Systems streamline your processes and deliver year-on-year reductions in maintenance costs of 5-15%. Our modular suite brings the data from every action into one place to leverage insights as a basis for learning from past actions, understanding machine and equipment histories, and allocating resources to the right task at the right time.

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Data connects people and workflows, operations and management reporting, responsibilities with tasks. Idhammar’s unified platform enables you to transition rapidly from reactive maintenance operations, to proactive; from catching up, to staying ahead, from manual reporting, to automated insights.
Use accurate asset data to reduce maintenance costs
Idhammar’s Asset Management module encapsulates all the benefits of CMMS, providing an Asset Register with unlimited asset hierarchies for identifying and controlling all maintainable assets. Details include: Unique identifier and asset type; target performance; supplier & model details; cost centre; owner and location; Bill of Materials; and technical specification.
With the module’s Work Order Management tool, you can set priorities, start and completion dates/times, and allocate resources to balance workloads and group tasks within projects. For planned maintenance tasks the module allows you to set up standard repeatable jobs by asset type. Other features of this module include inspections and lubrication scheduling, documents and drawing management, skills register, and predictive maintenance.
  • View all maintainable assets everywhere
  • Achieve year-on-year reductions in maintenance costs of 5% to 15%
  • ROI within 6-12 months
Spot the problems when they happen

Idhammar’s Condition Tracker module enables plant engineers, and calibration specialists, to detect faults easily and provides an early warning system against unexpected issues. While anticipating ‘worst-case’ scenarios is essential—averting unscheduled stoppages—the normal run of operations requires constant vigilance and diligence. Regular condition monitoring and robust auditing of asset condition checks are intrinsic to the module.

Teams can define their own measurement parameters such as oil analysis, drive-belt tension, and operating temperatures/pressures. The module provides ongoing records of asset checks and verification that all relevant legal, quality, environmental and safety tests are in order. Reporting is easy; condition data can be exported to Excel, updated and re-imported to the system.
  • Single repository for calibration data
  • Legal, Environmental and Health and Safety tests
  • Condition export/import function
Improve productivity, batch traceability, and energy usage
Idhammar’s OEE Monitoring module gives you the insight so essential for evaluating and improving productivity, to drive intelligent cost reduction. Capture labour costs on a granular level; by asset, shift, product, or work order. Rates of labour for different skill levels can be set to give an accurate Overall Labour Effectiveness score. This can be measured before and during any production run and adjusted as needed against your specific targets or customer requirements.
You can also set up alerts for issues with sub-standard production, helping to minimise waste and provide quality assurance and customer or regulatory audit information. Gain real-time intelligence on water and energy consumption, informing your decisions as to where processes and behaviours can be adjusted to help reduce costs, and your carbon footprint.
  • Evaluate and improve productivity
  • Assess every detail on labour costs
  • Gain real-time intelligence on processes and behaviours
Reduce inventory evaluation and manage purchasing seamlessly

Idhammar’s Inventory Management module provides automatic re-ordering to help you eliminate stock-outs and minimise disruption and downtime; with less time required at the stores counter. The module’s real-time, online stock management function helps engineers avoid multiple journeys to check, book or obtain parts or components.

Requisitions, purchase orders, deliveries, returns, invoices and credits are all managed within the module. Purchase order formats can be adjusted locally to meet individual customer demands and either printed or emailed. You’ll also have a tailored view on spares and stock or inventory management. Stock transactions are recorded, and—if required—can automatically generate replenishment.

  • Stock control and smarter purchasing
  • Automatic re-ordering
  • Reduced admin and manual checking
Gain deeper insights and greater efficiency

Idhammar’s Data Capture module increases the accuracy of your observations across the production process. When the OEE attains 65% and above, manual data collection will no longer provide the comprehensive insights you need at exactly the time you need them. The paper-based approach to collecting data will invariably miss essential details such as minor stops, and precise start/stop times. Operators may also forget, or be too busy, to log details; they may simply lose the paperwork in a busy production environment.

The Idhammar OEE Line Data Portal enables operators to capture the right data, easily, quickly and accurately, for areas such as stoppages and exact timings of production start-up and breakdowns. This information can then be compared and analysed, and your improvement opportunities prioritised to increase your overall production and productivity.

  • Shop Floor Data Capture
  • Manual Line Data Portal (LDP)
  • Automatic Line Data Portal (LDP)
Inform, improve, accelerate

Idhammar’s Reporting module provides instantly understandable dashboards to give you visibility of performance and assessment against KPIs. Information is provided by date and time (daily, weekly operations reports), product group/product, shift, site, area or line. The Alerts Function automatically notifies nominated team members by SMS, email, dashboard, or Andon display to that work orders can be updated and automatically sent to an associated maintenance management system.

Andon boards are strategically positioned at the end of each production line and provide line-specific KPIs for use by your line improvement teams. The boards share real-time information on the OEE of the line, and the displays are set to automatically refresh content and check to see if OEE Business Alert conditions have been met.

  • OEE dashboards showing line performance status
  • Automatic alerts to accelerate response times
  • Detailed reports to inform decisions
Build an improvement agenda to drive change

Idhammar’s Core Analysis module is based on secure SQL data engines to enable you to capture data on the current situation and then drill down to specific elements or events, thereby helping you to identify and address the root cause/s of production issues quicker; at the touch of a button.

The module also provides ‘what-if’ reports for comparing your current OEE percentage and improvements that can be achieved by removing or eliminating the risk of specific event recurring. Using sophisticated analytical tools, you’ll be able to assess the impact of using particular machines, components, or shifts within your organisation. A fully-integrated Improvement Agenda provides a solid, at-a-glance foundation for eliminating or preventing losses.

  • Determine root cause quickly
  • Reduce project risk
  • Gain full visibility of OEE and details of any losses

Idhammar Systems are certified for Quality (ISO 9001) and Information Security (ISO 27001)

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