Maintain the advantage

In any sector, for any maintenance focus, Idhammar Systems enable you to anticipate problems and to ensure continuous improvement, safety, compliance, and tighter cost control

Never assume

Whether in manufacturing or emergency services, no organisation can afford to make assumptions about the condition of its machines and equipment.

Always be ready

In the commercial world, a line stoppage can be financially disastrous. Malfunctioning equipment for fire and rescue services can bring a disaster of far greater proportions.

Strive to be better

From the competitive edge, to the critical task of ensuring the safety of human beings, the need to streamline maintenance and ensure optimum performance permits no compromise.

Automotive Manufacturers

The automotive industry was first in line to implement lean concepts. Any supplier in automotive is aware that even a minor stoppage will trigger mounting costs, particularly when Just-in-Time delivery is so significant in lean production.


Idhammar Systems has been a key supplier to the automotive industry for decades, with our system for asset management and spare part supply. Our suite of software covers the whole process from preventative maintenance, via corrective maintenance and stock management, to extensive analysis of the status of production equipment. For more insights on our solutions for Automotive Manufacturers, connect with one of our experts now.

Emergency Services

Ensuring the constant readiness of thousands of critical assets across diverse locations requires awareness of an immense amount of detail. Using paper-based test cards and defect books is less than a robust and reliable approach. Standardised tests and defect logging on a secure centralised system ensure complete traceability of all vehicles, assets, equipment, appliances and PPE.


Idhammar Systems allow users to accurately record assets’ test results, logging defects, ensuring robust quality assurance audits, performance readiness, and accountability.  Station Staff can record their station tests via a mobile device as well as performing inventory checks on their appliances. After use, checks are performed on their devices at the fireground or other facilities and synchronised on return to the station. For more insights on our solutions for Emergency Services equipment readiness and tracking, connect with one of our experts now.

Food & Beverage

A line break-down can cause immediate loss of profit, delayed deliveries and dissatisfied customers. On the shopfloor, safety is the number 1 priority followed closely by achieving the highest quality at the lowest cost. This points to the requirement to fully understand the effectiveness of your equipment and that means collecting data. Doing this manually is time-consuming and allows errors to creep in.


Idhammar Systems have accompanied some of the world’s leaders in food and beverage production to accelerate running speeds, to produce the same volumes faster, reduce line waste by improving reliability, use less energy and make the overall production line more profitable. They can be deployed for a single manufacturing unit or across numerous locations where the use of a single data platform will enable comparisons and further evaluation of under-performance. For more insights on our solutions for Food and Beverage production lines, connect with one of our experts now.

General Manufacturing

Any area of general manufacturing faces enormous competition in today’s global market. Contracts can be won or lost depending on control over costs. Maintenance and machine effectiveness are the two prime contributors to being able to produce highest quality products at keen pricing levels.


Idhammar Systems enable manufacturers in steel, tractors, wind turbines, and electrical equipment—among other specialist areas—to share information across their sites and ensure effective maintenance practices. Companies have turned to Idhammar Systems to modernise their maintenance methods, and gain greater control of maintenance planning and costs. Our solutions help transform preventive and corrective maintenance planning, and tighten inventory and stock control—pragmatic improvements that facilitate a programme of lean maintenance. For more insights on our solutions for General Manufacturers, connect with one of our experts now.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Of the many considerations within this sector—from safety to compliance—some stand out as more complex than others. Inventory control is a significant challenge with sometimes thousands of supplier records on file. Quick access and clarity are key to an efficient production line ecosystem.


Idhammar Systems give access to granular data to support continuous improvement and provide visibility on the shopfloor. A clear and organised approach to maintenance scheduling and classification (preventive or breakdown, new installation or inspection, condition monitoring etc.), as well as the opportunity to set up planned preventive maintenance tasks; enabling auto inspection and reporting on critical items.

For more insights on how our solutions drive continuous improvement for Pharmaceutical and Chemical organisations, connect with one of our experts now.

Paper Manufacturing

While continuity is critical in the pulp and paper industry, examples abound in the industry of organisations using disparate systems across varying locations, machine types, and processes. High- speed paper machines are capital intensive investments that need to be maintained to the most
rigorous standards.


Idhammar Systems have been in use at major paper mills in Sweden, UK and throughout the world since 1972. Idhammar was the first computerised maintenance management application to be deployed and has grown in depth and breadth to meet the ever-changing needs of the paper sector since those early deployments. For more insights on our solutions for Paper Manufacturers, connect with one of our experts now.

Utilities & Facilities

Fast-evolving technology forces utility companies to constantly review and implement equipment renewal projects. The nature of utilities delivery is the wide distribution of assets, often with hundreds of miles between different parts of the system. Most of the infrastructure in utilities is critical for our society and outages can cause disasters.


Idhammar Systems address these concerns through a flexible and comprehensive set of tools for asset management, maintenance, and analysis of performance and economics. Our experience of working with some of the biggest providers of water, electricity, natural gas, and power has ensured the constant evolution of our software suite to meet new and pressing challenges. Our solutions with geographical location functions, in combination with use of mobile devices, enable utilities engineers to work effectively and efficiently, regardless of distances. For more insights on how our solutions can reduce maintenance costs for Utilities and Facilities companies, connect with one of our experts now.



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