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How Idhammar WCM excels in all areas of World Class Manufacturing

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When considering a brand to assist you with maintenance management, you want a company that can assure you that your equipment is safe and efficient at all times while meeting HSE regulations and decreasing the risk of faults and other disruptions.

Since 1971, Idhammar Systems has made it possible for the seamless management and robust governance of machines and equipment, accurately assessing the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of any machine-equipped work environment. So, how can our world class manufacturing software make a difference in the industry?


The Secret to Idhammar Systems’ Success

We created the very first commercially installed maintenance system decades ago and, since then, we haven’t stopped improving our solutions. We are the industry leaders when it comes to creating the highest quality and most reliable CMMS software and enterprise asset management systems.

We are dedicated to helping all types of organisations empower their workforce with the use of technology. We want to ensure that more company owners can be confident when safety, cost control, and efficiency are the main goals, and that’s why we created our state-of-the-art world class manufacturing software – to ensure maximum uptime, and the greatest efficiency and quality control for your work environment.

The Key Benefits of Idhammar WCM

Our World Class Manufacturing software is a unique application that can integrate with a range of other systems. The computerized maintenance management software may be implemented in a secure manner either on-site or in the cloud. In addition, the innovative design of Idhammar WCM allows it to easily be optimised to be used on a variety of smart devices within Wi-Fi-enabled environments.

With help from our World Class Manufacturing software, you will be able to achieve all of the below.

Improve the Visibility of Your Maintenance and Manufacturing Workload

Thanks to the computerised maintenance management system, you can automatically identify all available engineering resources and alert them of potential breakdowns. Anytime the Emergency Work Order (EWO) is triggered, those tasks are prioritised automatically inside the Advanced Workload Planning module, ensuring continuous improvement for world class manufacturers. This provides your line leaders and supervisors with a complete view of all pending maintenance tasks.

Drive Ongoing Improvement by Using Enhanced Visibility and Root Cause Analysis

Thanks to the Maintenance KPI Reporting feature, you have improved visibility of your engineering team’s overall performance. It features quality graphical displays that are easy to interpret for focused improvement, and provides you with full visibility of the entire lifecycle of your EWOs as well as other Maintenance KPIs.

This helps to provide you with more details about how much time you will need to wait for spare parts, how long it will take for your repairs or replacement job to be completed, the diagnostics time, and the initial waiting time for technicians to arrive to assess the damage and fix the problem.

Using the Idhammar WCM makes it possible for lead investigators to record the root cause either directly or perform a 5 Whys analysis. Root causes are identified in line with the WCM methodology, which includes the following factors:

  • Insufficient skills
  • Lack of observing operating conditions
  • Lack of basic conditions
  • Weak components
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Mean time between failures

The investigator is able to propose solutions to address a problem relating to any of the 10 WCM pillars, or countermeasures to prevent reoccurrence.

The responsible resource for the pillar will be accountable for resolving the issue and, similar to the EWO process, a designated signatory must approve the Root Cause Analysis and proposed solutions.

All RCA information is recorded in the system for complete traceability. A time-saving feature called “Print Summary” is available for meetings, and data can be effortlessly exported to Excel in accordance with WCM reporting guidelines.

What Are the Core System Functions of Idhammar WCM?

Time-Saving Workload Planner

The workload planner helps save your company time thanks to the useful bulk change feature. This  work management   tool makes it easier to manage and prioritise your jobs based on how much each task will impact your downtime. It also helps to improve the visibility of your maintenance workload by displaying helpful details on factors in line with the WCM methodology.

Emergency Work Order & Autonomous Maintenance

If an issue arises that causes a line stop,  the system will prompt the operator to perform basic checks that can quickly get the line up and running again without the need to call an engineer.

When used along with Idhammar OEE monitoring software, the data collected from the line stop will automatically trigger and populate an Emergency Work Order or EWO. This helps to ensure the accuracy of all data captured.

Driving Ongoing Improvement with Root Cause Analysis

The Root Cause Analysis feature helps you quickly identify countermeasures with full accountability. Thanks to this feature, lead investigators can choose to record the Root Cause directly, or they may perform a 5 Whys analysis to help them determine what the root cause is. The cause will be identified in accordance with WCM methodology.

Flexible Deployment and Systems Integration

Idhammar WCM is a flexible, standalone application that can be integrated with various other software applications. Users have the ability to access information and implement solutions while on-site, or remotely by accessing the cloud through their smart device inside any environment where Wi-Fi is enabled.

The Machine Ledger Helps Investigate Rogue Equipment

The machine ledger feature is a helpful visualisation tool that graphically displays information on:

  • When maintenance was planned
  • When it was executed
  • Which and how many components failed an inspection
  • When unplanned maintenance was executed

This ledger can also drill down on other details of your work such as the cost of repairs and finding engineers who are capable of taking on the maintenance tasks.

Quick and Easy Prioritisation of Work Orders Using the TAG Register

Anytime a Work Request   is created, our software categorises it in line with the industry standard ranking methodology. To make the job even simpler, it will auto-generate completion dates for you based on the risk involved.

Managers are quickly alerted about any work orders categorised as high risk and the work is scheduled based on this information. You also have the option to review all the created TAGs based on selected criteria for a well-organised view of progress and productivity.

TAG can be risk assessed to assist with the allocation of priority, or planning of the work. TAGS may be accepted and planned, or rejected if deemed unnecessary.

In Closing

The right maintenance management tools can help improve productivity and decrease downtime for your organisation. Our solution centres on the ten technical management pillars associated with World Class Manufacturing methods, resulting in more accurate automated processes, improved manufacturing and maintenance, enhanced transparency, and better communication and productivity throughout your work environment.

We provide solutions that transform the maintenance management of any equipment type, in any manufacturing or machine-enabled operational environment. Since 1971, we have been working with the emergency services, manufacturers, utilities and pharmaceutical companies, and much more, providing state-of-the-art solutions. To discover how our software can benefit your organisation, contact us to book a demo.


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