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How Can Asset and Maintenance Management Software Give Your Organisation the Advantage?

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Any organisation that has assets to track and equipment to maintain needs to do so digitally, using a cloud based system. Using outdated methods such as keeping paper records leaves too much room for error and delays.

Maintenance management software improves processes and efficiency, saving time and money. It also raises staff morale, as they will encounter fewer problems and experience less frustration about doing things in inefficient ways.

This article reviews the advantages of using Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in more detail.

Greater Order

Maintenance management software creates order from chaos. It provides greater control and oversight of all assets and maintenance procedures, and lets you track all the work that needs to be done, and when.

If cloud based, the system will offer real-time updates on maintenance tasks so that everyone knows what’s happening at any given time.

Automation takes the legwork out of operations even more.

Work Management Efficiency

CMMS software reduces the amount of administration that comes with work order management. Work orders can be scheduled, assigned and closed with ease, with all parts of the process tracked automatically.

Time Savings

Automating asset and maintenance management helps ensure that tasks are completed on time and according to specification. Naturally, this is crucial for any organisation wanting less-costly, more streamlined operations. It is also vital for those who must be in a state of constant readiness, such as the emergency services. When lives are at risk, there is no scope for delays.

Organisations looking to implement any form of process improvement must use software that takes the manual work out of operations and removes time-consuming bottlenecks.

Enhanced Safety

Every manufacturing business needs to ensure safety, and maintenance management software is the answer. This is thanks to preventive maintenance, which reduces the risk of accidents or malfunctions due to lack of proper maintenance (i.e., a piece of equipment can be monitored for signs of wear and tear to identify any potential problems before they become serious enough to cause an accident).

Safety for Workers

Another aspect of safety is that of workers who need to have functioning equipment at their disposal in order to carry out their jobs safely (i.e., police radios for requesting for backup on dangerous calls). Ensuring assets and equipment are in full working order and are available when needed – and where – lets staff do their jobs with peace of mind.

Easy Compliance Management

Maintenance management software helps with compliance by making it easier to track maintenance tasks and keep up-to-date records. This makes it much easier to prepare for audits, reducing the risk of fines or other penalties due to failure to comply with regulations or industry standards.

Our Condition Tracker module provides early warning against unexpected issues, as well as ongoing records of asset checks, ensuring everything is EHS compliant.

Cost Savings

The overall improvement in efficiency afforded by CMMS software reduces costs in many ways. Our asset management and work management tools are proven to achieve year on year reductions in maintenance costs of 5% to 15%.

Improved Productivity and Flexibility

Cloud based systems allow personnel to view real-time information, check inventory, initiate work orders, and much more – from any location. Staff can also access the system via mobile devices. This speeds up the workflow, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

No More Paperwork

With CMMS software, there is no need for paperwork because all information is stored securely on cloud servers. Personnel can view all required information on their devices, so there is no need to have printed documentation – an important step for organisations planning to go paperless.

Increased Uptime

Preventative maintenance is not the only factor that brings about increased uptime. CMMS software allows facilities to reduce downtime by making it simpler to conquer backlog, increase asset reliability, schedule preventive maintenance, and simplify repairs. This all contributes to keeping assets healthier and eliminating downtime at its root.

Accurate Stock Control

Asset management programmes provide the accuracy that makes it possible to achieve Lean inventory management objectives. To improve processes statistically requires robust data capture methods, and that is exactly what these systems offer.

Actionable Insights

With sophisticated analytics capabilities, maintenance management software can provide valuable insights regarding how well machinery is performing and helps identify where improvements are needed.

Data capture and reporting features provide deep insights on a broad range of functions, including inventory control, performance, and root cause analysis.

OEE Monitoring

Overall Equipment Effectiveness – or OEE monitoring – not only helps with productivity and cost reduction, but it also tracks water and energy consumption. This can inform strategies for reducing the carbon footprint.

To summarise, analytics allows organisations to develop strategies for optimising many processes, leading to better results in key areas such as safety, compliance, cost savings, and efficiency.


CMMS software makes it easy for maintenance managers and asset managers to take a proactive approach to maintenance and inventory management, respectively.

It offers a number of benefits that help improve safety and compliance, and supports flexible working arrangements, all of which contribute to better efficiency and reduced costs.

To discover how our cloud based maintenance management software can help you achieve the above, contact us today.


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