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Our Fully Customisable Asset and Maintenance Management Software 

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With software, having a one-size-fits-all approach rarely delivers optimal results. Recognising this, we believe in offering a robust standard solution that provides customers with benefits such as easy upgrades without the burden of hefty expenses – coupled with the flexibility to tailor the system to specific operational and role-based requirements. 

This article reviews the ways that Idhammar’s Computerized Maintenance Management Software is customisable, providing our customers with the best of both worlds. 

Why Should CMMS Software Be Customisable? 

It’s always a good idea to collaborate with a CMMS provider that understands the importance of customisation. A few reasons it’s crucial to adapt the software to your unique needs include the following: 

  • Varied asset types: Different equipment necessitates unique maintenance tasks, schedules, and procedures.  
  • Operational efficiency: Customisable workflows can mirror a company’s unique operations, ensuring optimal productivity and asset performance, whether they use reactive approaches or preventive maintenance scheduling.  
  • Compliance and standards: Different regions or product types have specific compliance standards and regulations, which a tailored CMMS can help uphold. 
  • Scalability: As an organisation grows, a customisable CMMS can adapt to increasing assets, departments, and maintenance needs without the need for a complete system overhaul. 
  • Cost-efficiency: Tailoring a Computerized Maintenance Management System to match exact needs means not paying for unnecessary features, while ensuring all critical functions are included. 
  • Integrated systems: A customisable system can be integrated seamlessly with other software. 
  • Adapting to change: Manufacturing processes evolve and new technologies emerge. As such, customisation ensures the system remains relevant over time, and helps companies to innovate along with changing customer requirements.   

While our software is always customisable, we also offer solutions tailored for certain sectors. For example, Idhammar Response is designed for the emergency services, arming organisations with a range of asset management tools that ultimately help them save more lives. Other sectors we serve are detailed here. 

How Does the Cloud Enhance Customisation? 

Cloud-based software offers unparalleled flexibility and ease of customisation. Unlike traditional on-premises software that may require intricate changes to the system infrastructure or codebase, cloud solutions are typically built on platforms designed to be modular and scalable. As such, they are customisable by their very nature. The cloud also enables integration options, making it simpler to connect with other systems. 

How Is Idhammar Systems’ CMMS Software Customisable? 

Our cloud based maintenance management software is customisable in the ways listed below. 

System Parameters 

Idhammar is equipped with a multitude of system parameters that facilitate enterprise-level configuration. Some of the parameters include setting password security rules, defining segregation of duties, designating storage locations for documents and attachments, ensuring Single Sign-On (SSO) compliance, and much more. 

With regulations and compliance standards evolving, having control over these parameters ensures your system is always in line with best practices, reducing risks and potential liabilities. 

User Roles and Permissions 

With Idhammar, you can effortlessly set up roles and permissions, ensuring that users have access only to the features and data they require to effectively perform their tasks. This not only helps to protect sensitive information, but also provides a clutter-free interface to users. 

All in all, this focused access streamlines operations, ensures data integrity, and minimises human error by restricting unauthorised or accidental changes. 

Workflow Automation 

Our systems provide workflow automation, making life easier for your maintenance team.  

Our CMMS software allows workflows to mirror an organisation’s unique maintenance processes. You can customise Work Order screens based on Work Type, and you can configure Pre and Post Checklists that are determined by the nature of the work being undertaken, the asset type, and criticality. In addition, you can define approval processes and triggers for automatic notifications. 

Allowing workflows to be customised ensures that the system aligns perfectly with your unique maintenance processes. In turn, this can significantly boost efficiency, reduce unnecessary steps, and ensure timely notifications and approvals. 

Custom Data Fields 

Need to capture additional asset-specific information? With Idhammar, you can easily set up user-defined specifications to store bespoke data. 

This is especially important for growing organisations – as they grow and change, the kind of data they need to capture may also change.  

Custom data fields offer the flexibility to record unique data without overhauling the entire system so that, as your operational needs evolve, your system can adapt without costly modifications. 

Reporting and Dashboards 

A business thrives on actionable insights, and these insights come from meaningful data representation. That’s why Idhammar boasts a comprehensive Reporting module that empowers users to design customised reports and dashboards. This ensures data representation that truly aligns with your organisation’s needs. 

The module offers intuitive dashboards for instant visibility of performance against KPIs, and information is presented by ate and time, product/product group, shift, site, area or line. 

Improvement teams also have access to Andon boards at the end of each production line, showing real-time information on the line’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness. In addition, the displays refresh automatically if OEE Business Alert conditions have been met.   

You can learn more about Idhammar’s modules here. 

Customised Jobcards and Purchase Order Reports 

Different job requirements demand different job card layouts. As such, offering multiple customisable layouts ensures that maintenance teams have the precise information they need in a format that is most actionable. In turn, this enhances clarity and reduces miscommunication.  

Idhammar offers a variety of Jobcard layouts, including a standard layout to use across the board and others tailored to specific work types. Custom layouts can also be developed and integrated into the system without affecting its standard functionalities.  


Your maintenance management software should be as adaptable as your business demands. Whether you need to scale, or you simply want to change your processes and have software that can adapt, having customisable cloud based CMMS software is the key. 

You can then confidently navigate the complexities of maintenance operations, ensuring that the system works for you, and not the other way around. 

Idhammar Systems is the creator of the world’s first commercially installed CMMS solution, helping companies across the globe implement lean manufacturing principles and drive greater efficiency.  

To discover how your organisation can exceed its current operational standards and reduce maintenance costs, contact us to arrange a demo.

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