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Introducing Idhammar Systems 

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Provider of World-Class Maintenance and Asset Management Solutions

Founded in 1971, Idhammar Systems have been delivering maintenance management and inventory control software to some of the most prominent manufacturing and emergency services organisations in the world. We’re here to help customers in these and other sectors to gain better control over assets and maintenance, and mitigate the risks posed by disruptions.

We developed the first commercially installed maintenance system in the world. Our goal has always been to deliver solutions that transform maintenance management in any machine-enabled operational environment. Since our inception, we have been continuously improving, equipping our systems with the robust functionality required to solve our customers’ complex and evolving needs.

Our EHS compliant solutions simplify maintenance, improve efficiency, and reduce breakdowns, leading to reduced operational costs and maximised uptime.

Thanks to our recent acquisition by Valsoft Corp, we are better equipped than ever to develop state-of-the-art software that meets the unique requirements of each organisation we work with – while retaining our personalised approach to customer relationships.

Smarter Maintenance and Inventory Management

We strive to make best practises even better while ensuring safety compliance and cost control. Our solutions allocate the right resources to the right task at the right time, overcome the bottlenecks caused by siloed data, and boost productivity by increasing uptime.

Continuous improvement is at the heart of what we do and we provide robust foundations for lean production, while also maximising energy efficiency.

Our systems capture and analyse data that enables customers to better understand existing operations, find areas for improvement, and determine the root cause of failures.

Thanks to cloud technology, we provide customers with the flexibility for remote management and easy scalability.

The Sectors We Serve:

General Manufacturing

Many manufacturers are yet to derive value from the endless data generated by manufacturing processes. Customers in many specialist areas come to us to modernise their maintenance methods so they can get the most from this data. We also help them improve their control of maintenance planning and costs, which is vital for staying competitive in this industry.

Emergency Services

Asset management, testing, and after-use checks – all critical practices that, if not managed efficiently, can lead to disastrous consequences. Our inventory management software predicts testing requirements and lets users log assets’ test results and defects accurately, in a centralised system. This ensures that assets are always prepared and service is always on.

Food and Beverage

In this industry, continuous high performance is essential for maintaining profits and customer satisfaction. We help food and beverage manufacturers stay up and running by improving overall equipment effectiveness. In addition, reporting provides insights into losses which enables faster resolutions.

Automotive Manufacturing

For decades, we have been working with manufacturers in the industry where the concept of lean originated. Our automotive solutions assist every stage of the production process, from asset management to predictive and corrective maintenance.

Pharmaceutical and Chemical

Planned preventative maintenance, auto-inspection of critical items and complex inventory control keep operations running smoothly in this demanding environment.

Print and Packaging

Long runs at high speed present a unique challenge in this sector and downtime causes considerable losses. We prevent machine issues and provide engineers with a complete view of performance at all times.

Paper Manufacturing

Since 1972, our solutions have helped paper mills to protect their investments in high-speed paper machines by facilitating the highest standards of maintenance.

Utilities and Facilities

Frequent equipment renewal is a major challenge due to the pace of technological development within this sector. Our maintenance solutions help to keep distribution infrastructures up and running, despite the large distances between different parts of the systems.

How We Make a Difference

We are passionate about making a real difference in every organisation we work with. For that reason, we go beyond off-the-shelf solutions and instead, guide customers through the implementation journey to ensure they get the most out of our software. That way, our customers gain a thorough understanding of every feature and every opportunity to collect data.  

Our Computerised Maintenance Management System

Our Computerised Maintenance Management System contains a range of modules for tracking assets and optimising production:

  • Asset Management
  • Condition Tracker
  • Inventory Control
  • OEE Monitoring
  • Data Capture
  • Core Analysis
  • Reporting


We make sure our software is up and running as quickly as possible while causing minimal disruption. This happens through several phases:

  • Planning: Here, we analyse the customer’s hardware and software requirements and establish a plan to implementation.  
  • Data cleansing: We realign customer databases, clean data so that it provides the required value, and ensure that all data is compliant.
  • Post-implementation review: Looking to the future, we document opportunities for improvement and better utility in order to enhance ROI.
  • Technical installation: Our solutions are implemented at this stage, including the integration of any external systems.
  • Training and assistance: IT administrators, management, operators, and other required users are trained to use get the most from the system.

We don’t stop at implementation. We have a range of additional services designed to help customers get the most out of our software.


Our in-house experts provide guidance on the following:

  • Lean Manufacturing and OEE
  • Continuous Improvement  
  • Lean TPM
  • Energy Management

This ensures our customers extract maximum value from their data, reduce all forms of waste, and optimise energy usage.


Our solutions are designed to integrate with a broad range of other systems. However, there are situations where bespoke integrations are necessary. In this scenario, our Systems Analysts and Developers work with customers to accommodate their unique needs.


As well as our standard training, we offer tailor-made courses. The key areas we train users in are:

  • Report writing: This lets staff go beyond automated reporting and develop custom and advanced reports.
  • CI and quality monitoring: This training empowers users who need to use our solutions for these specific purposes.
  • Refresher training: Whenever users need a reminder, our refresher training sessions get them up to speed.
  • Advanced systems training: System Familiarisation, System Administrator and Advanced Technical training allows relevant personnel to benefit from the full capabilities of our solutions.
  • Advanced maintenance training: Work Order Management, Plant Structure and Document Management, and Planned and Predictive Maintenance Management training helps advanced users to meet budget reduction and compliance targets.
  • Stock and purchasing training: This helps our customers reach their inventory reduction targets.

We are delighted to support our customers throughout their optimisation journey, and we are always ready to adapt when requirements change so that our solutions bring the most impactful results every time. To learn more about how we can assist your organisation, contact us here.

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