28 Nov, 22

Product Update: Idhammar Messenger Module

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Idhammar Systems Limited, the work and maintenance management software developer, has released a new Messenger module to further improve and enhance its’ existing product suite.

Messenger module provides an official channel for inter-team communications meaning operators can work together more efficiently using a single application.  The module allows organisations to set up specific user groups, to exchange information between individuals and teams, and to assign priorities to messages relating to work orders, shift handovers and tasks created using Idhammar software.

All communications are securely stored so that a digital paper trail exists at all times showing messages, who the sender was and when they were sent.

We created the Idhammar Messenger module because our customers need a single multi-device maintenance platform from which to work collaboratively from.

Teams can now communicate securely between each other through this single platform irrespective of the device they are using, with message notifications delivered instantaneously for improved efficiency.


Clare Darlison, Idhammar Product Manager

Features of the Messenger Module include:

  • Message creation for Work Orders and sent to multiple users
  • Set message type and priority
  • Message history visible against tasks
  • Digital paper trail
  • Create Message Groups for shift handovers etc.
  • Allocate users to Message Groups

IDhammar Messenger is available as an upgrade to all existing customers and is priced between £175 and £250 per user.

For further information on how you can upgrade your system with the Messenger module contact your Idhammar account manager or email sales@idhamarsystems.com

About Idhammar Systems

Idhammar Systems provide applications that transform maintenance management of any equipment type, in any manufacturing, or machine-enabled operational environment. Since 1971, we have been enabling robust governance and seamless management of machine, equipment, and asset safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, reducing the complexity of meeting HSE regulations and mitigating risk.

We created the first commercially installed maintenance system in the world. Since then, we haven’t stop improving our systems, to make sure they dovetail with the way our customers work and contribute to helping them work smarter.

We are dedicated to helping organisations to manage their assets, empower their workforce through technology, and be confident that best practice prevails, wherever safety, efficiency and cost control are combined goals.

Our solution suite brings the data from every action into one place to leverage insights as a basis for learning from past actions, understanding machine and equipment histories, and allocating resources to the right task at the right time. Our applications are used by a wide variety of industrial and public sector customers which includes Automotive Manufacturers, Emergency Services and Hospitals, Food and Beverage producers, General Manufacturing, Paper Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, Print and Packaging, Utilities and Facilities.

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