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Introducing Idhammar Connect: The Mobile CMMS Driving Efficiency and Accuracy  

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Maintenance management has evolved far beyond traditional paper systems, progressing through basic spreadsheets to comprehensive CMMS software. 

The next logical step is mobile, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Idhammar Connect – our brand new Android app that’s poised to redefine the way organisations across industries manage their maintenance operations.

The Benefits of Mobile Maintenance Management

In 2018, research by the CXP Group revealed that 93% of the organisations surveyed described their maintenance processes as “not very efficient”. Do those words describe your company’s processes?

If you’re an existing user of our enterprise asset management software, that won’t be the case. With that said, our existing customers can look forward to unprecedented levels of efficiency by using Idhammar Connect.

Gone are the days when technicians, maintenance managers, or personnel responsible for inventory have to be tethered to a desktop to perform essential tasks. With Idhammar Connect on the horizon, our users will have the freedom and flexibility to carry out a range of functions on-the-go, directly from their Android devices.

The efficiency of a maintenance operation hinges on various factors, including speed of response, accuracy of data, ease of reporting, and effective resource management.

Mobile solutions make the above possible, as the software is always within arm’s reach. Whether technicians are in a tight space or at a remote location, they have the full power of the CMMS with them, ensuring that they don’t have to compromise on efficiency due to location constraints.

Mobile solutions are also a key part of Industry 4.0. Read on to discover more about how they can transform maintenance management.

Proactive Maintenance Strategies

Mobile CMMS software helps organisations let go of outdated, reactive strategies; strategies that lead to the following:

  • Neglecting planned maintenance tasks when a breakdown occurs.
  • Poor inventory management with excessive time wasted due to inefficiencies.
  • Documentation may not be easy to access.
  • Equipment becomes less reliable as preventive maintenance is not implemented.

Some of the most significant wastes of time in maintenance include travel time, coordination delays, and delays with sourcing parts and finding tools. 

However, with mobile CMMS software, maintenance teams no longer have to return to a centralised computer station to enter or access essential information. Instead, they can instantly report issues, view equipment history, and update work orders from their mobile devices, directly from the field.

Being proactive saves costs, as demonstrated by Transport for London (TFL), who used predictive maintenance to save around £3 million per year on their maintenance costs. 

With that in mind, how exactly does a mobile computerized maintenance management system contribute to increased proactivity? Read on to find out how these solutions in general – and Idhammar Connect specifically – achieve the above. 

Instant Notifications

Apps can send instant notifications or alerts to the right personnel if a piece of equipment requires urgent attention or if there are deviations from set parameters. Immediate alerts can significantly reduce downtime and lead to faster resolutions.

Streamlined Inspections

With Idhammar Connect, performing routine inspections becomes more straightforward. Technicians can access inspection information directly through the app, which provides clearer evidence of issues, making it easier for teams to understand and address them.

Improved Inventory Management

When working on maintenance tasks, knowing the availability of required parts is crucial. Through the app, technicians can check parts availability in real-time, in the field. This hastens the time taken to allocate parts, ensuring that all maintenance tasks can be completed on time.

Quick Response to Emergencies

In unforeseen circumstances, maintenance teams can react promptly, ensuring minimal disruption and mitigating potential damages. With historical asset data at their fingertips – along with information on parts availability and other resources – technicians can complete unplanned maintenance tasks without delay, ensuring business continuity.

Efficient Collaboration

With all parties accessing real-time data from any location, mobile CMMS software makes it easier to coordinate maintenance teams, optimising their joint efforts. This is more important now than ever considering the labour shortages that the manufacturing sector is experiencing.

Tailored for On-Ground Efficiency

While the new app promises a comprehensive suite of features, its primary strength lies in focusing on tasks that inherently require mobility, such as inventory management and inspections.

Previously, recording or retrieving the required information for these tasks demanded extra steps. With Idhammar Connect, users can instantly input, retrieve, or analyse data, making processes significantly more efficient and accurate.

A Phased Mobile Transition

While Idhammar Connect marks a giant leap towards mobile CMMS solutions, it’s essential to note that some features might still be exclusive to the desktop version, at least in the initial phases. However, we will be continually expanding the app’s capabilities, each feature designed to make the life of maintenance personnel easier and more efficient.


Maintenance management is undergoing a significant shift, moving swiftly towards mobile solutions. Idhammar Connect stands at the forefront of this transformation, embodying the future of efficient, on-the-go maintenance operations. Such technological advancements allow organisations to transcend traditional limitations, capitalising on real-time data and achieving unparalleled efficiency.

Idhammar Connect, in essence, is not just a tool but a strategy for future-proofing asset management. As the digital age advances, embracing such innovations will become the key for organisations striving to maintain a competitive edge in their respective sectors.

While the app will continue to evolve, it will initially support tasks that inherently require mobility. To find out more about the app and how it can enhance your maintenance processes, contact us today.

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