OEE Systems

Specifically designed to apply Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to manufacturing processes, the Idhammar OEE System provides a range of specialist tools to help manufacturing improvement teams cost justify and implement changes that increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness and drive bottom line savings.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) System

Idhammar’s OEE software will help you achieve your business objectives by either: increasing output without investment in capital plant or additional labour, or maintaining the same level of production in a shorter time period with fewer resources.


From single to multiple production lines, and from one to a number of plants in a group-wide structure, Idhammar’s OEE System is a vital management and decision support tool, providing information on availability, performance and quality; all you need to exploit the full power of OEE in achieving world class lean manufacturing.

What does the system provides?

  • Powerful data handling (manual and automatic)
  • A range of accurate, real-time reporting (dashboards and alerts)
  • What-If and Root Cause Analysis Tools
  • Improvement Agendas and Suggestion Schemes
  • Quality and Energy Monitoring


No more complex spreadsheets – all data is fed simply and easily into the Idhammar OEE System where it is automatically manipulated to enable graphical visualizations, providing the basis for real-time analysis and reporting.

Improve OEE

Using the OEE calculation, a gap analysis compares current plant efficiency with the target/benchmark score in order to identify opportunities to increase production. Often a 1% improvement in OEE equates to a step-function improvement and can result in savings of thousands towards the bottom-line.

Speak to us about OEE

The Idhammar OEE systems are used internationally in companies of all sizes, in a broad range of industries. If you would like to find out more about the Idhammar Systems and how these can work for your business, contact us today.