OEE Core Analysis

Drill-Down for Root Cause Analysis


Getting to the root cause of production issues can be difficult. Idhammar OEE provides the functionality to drill down on any element of graphical production reports to access lower-level elements and uncover the truth behind the production issue. Based on secure SQL data engines, Idhammar OEE software provides detailed analysis and drill down at the touch of a button, automatic reporting with unlimited date/time ranges, multi-user/multi-site access, and validated data entry.

What-If Evaluation to minimize risk


Idhammar OEE includes sophisticated analytical tools including ‘what-if’ analysis to assess the impact of particular machine, component, or shift. User configurable ‘what-if’ filters allow the evaluation of different options prior to implementation and so help to minimise risk to project costs and schedules. A ‘what-if’ report can be generated to compare current OEE % and the potential OEE % improvement that could be achieved by eliminating a specific event.

Suggestion Scheme to encourage staff engagement


The OEE Continuous Improvement Suggestion Scheme offers a way for businesses to involve the whole team in CI. Managers can open a window of opportunity for possible profits by giving employees the chance to contribute ideas towards more efficient ways of working (such as how losses can be reduced or prevented). Suggestions, submitted via a browser, appear in core OEE for review, action and quick response to the employee. In addition, employees will be kept informed of any progress that their idea has made, providing incentive to continue raising ideas.

Improvement Agenda to facilitate change


Idhammar’s fully integrated Improvement Agenda provides a foundation for essential loss management strategies. CI managers can plan, monitor, and encourage progress by setting targets and review/completion dates. CI teams and front line managers can see OEE and loss details, whilst more senior managers can review the improvement traffic lights to check teams are making progress and are on target. At a glance they can see if all recent issues have an improvement plan and clear accountability.

Improve OEE

Using the OEE calculation, a gap analysis compares current plant efficiency with the target/benchmark score in order to identify opportunities to increase production. Often a 1% improvement in OEE equates to a step-function improvement and can result in savings of thousands towards the bottom-line.

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