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How CMMS Software Can Make Your Workplace a Safer Place 

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Workplace safety is of paramount importance, especially in high-risk environments such as industrial facilities. According to the Manufacturing Statistics in Great Britain 2022 report by Health and Safety Executive, 2.0% of manufacturing workers sustained injuries in the workplace in 2021-2022 (the average across all industries is 1.7%). To be precise, 54,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries, and there were 22 fatal injuries during this period. 

Research has indicated that equipment failures have a significant contribution to industrial incidents and accidents in the manufacturing industry. With potential hazards around every corner, maintaining the highest standards of safety is essential to protect employees, assets, and the surrounding community. 

To meet this objective, organisations need to use tools that help ensure that regulatory standards are met, and one such tool is a computerised maintenance management system. 

In this article, we will explore how CMMS software can be the difference between having a safe workplace versus facing legal issues and compensation claims due to accidents.   

CMMS Software Features that Enhance Safety 

Streamlined & Proactive Equipment Maintenance 

Proper maintenance is critical to prevent equipment failures that could lead to accidents or even environmental hazards. Maintenance management software enables organisations to schedule routine maintenance, track equipment condition, and generate alerts for preventive maintenance scheduling. It helps teams proactively address maintenance needs, minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns that could compromise safety. 

Work Order Prioritisation 

Computerized maintenance management software prioritises work orders, ensuring that safety-related tasks are given the highest precedence. Urgent maintenance requests that pertain to safety concerns can be promptly addressed, reducing the risk of incidents. 

Condition Tracker 

Condition Monitoring provides early warning of malfunctioning and potential breakdown of equipment.  Temperature, pressure, vibration can be monitored and action taken if values go outside the expected range. Checklists can be associated with work to ensure that all legal, quality, environmental and safety checks have been undertaken prior to work commencing and on completion prior to handing back to production.  

Real-time Asset Monitoring and Reporting 

A computerized maintenance management system can integrate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, providing real-time data on equipment health. As such, maintenance teams can be informed of the condition of machinery at all times – in real-time. They can detect abnormalities that could lead to safety concerns and take required actions early. 

The Idhammar Reporting Module 

Dashboards can be set up and tailored to show performance against your organisation’s KPIs. A comprehensive set of standard reports is provided along with SMS and email alerts.  Informative Andon displays can be positioned around the factory to keep all staff informed. Issues can be addressed as soon as possible, ensuring workplace safety. 


Maintenance management software assists organisations in staying EHS compliant by tracking and documenting maintenance activities, inspections, and repairs. This documentation serves as evidence of adherence to safety protocols during regulatory audits, reducing the risk of penalties and legal complications. 

A Single Source of Truth 

Effective communication and collaboration are essential in maintaining a safe workplace. Cloud based CMMS software stores data in a centralised manner, which means a single source of truth is available for anyone using the system.  

This enables the quick dissemination of critical information regarding equipment status, safety procedures, and maintenance updates. As such, everyone is on the same page, which minimises misunderstandings and potential safety risks. 

Root Cause Analysis 

In the unfortunate event of a safety incident, CMMS software can aid in conducting root cause analyses. The system can track maintenance histories and asset performance data, helping to identify the underlying causes of accidents; from there, corrective measures can be implemented in order to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

The Importance of a Safety-Focused Culture 

Thanks to the insights that CMMS software provides, organisations can analyse data related to safety incidents and equipment performance, identify trends, pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and fine-tune their maintenance operations and safety protocols. This enables continuous improvement and a safety-focused culture. 

CMMS Training  

The safety benefits of the software goes hand in hand with the training initiatives involved, equipping the workforce with the knowledge to respond appropriately to potential defects. With Idhammar, a range of training options are available after implementation, including advanced system training and refresher training any time staff need to recap. We also offer an online Knowledge Base, so users can access learning material 24/7/365. 

Safety & CSR 

Maintenance software not only ensures regulatory compliance and reduces maintenance costs, but it also offers an opportunity to enhance an organisation’s reputation.  

These days, news of workplace accidents can spread rapidly, impacting not only an organisation’s bottom line but also its public image. CMMS software’s capacity to drive safety measures can therefore be leveraged as a part of a broader corporate social responsibility initiative.  

Showcasing the implementation of advanced safety measures allows organisations demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being, environmental protection, and community safety, and this commitment resonates positively with stakeholders, including customers, investors, future employees, and the general public. 


Equipment failures have proven to contribute significantly to workplace injuries in manufacturing, so it’s vital to always ensure the health of all assets. Prevention and preparedness are the keys to meeting this objective, and CMMS software enables proactive maintenance strategies.  

The tangible benefits of CMMS software, as detailed in this article, span a spectrum of safety considerations. From streamlining maintenance processes to real-time asset monitoring, from ensuring compliance to root cause analyses, every feature contributes to a safer workplace. 

Cloud based systems provide a single source of truth for maintenance teams, and the ability to identify trends and predict defects allows organisations to transcend the outdated, reactive approach and be several steps ahead at all times. 

Idhammar Systems developed the world’s first commercial maintenance management solution which is used in various sectors including general manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, food and beverage, and by the emergency services. Contact us today, book a demo, and make your workplace a safer place.

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