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Elevate your maintenance management with CMMS software solutions: maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations for enhanced productivity!

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    Idhammar Systems provide applications that transform maintenance management of any equipment type, in any manufacturing or machine-enabled operational environment.

    Since 1971, we have been enabling robust governance and seamless management of machine, equipment, and asset safety, efficiency, and effectiveness reducing the complexity of meeting HSE regulations and mitigating risk.

    What All Equipment Needs

    Our CMMS solutions drive coordinated maintenance and efficiency improvement for the smarter factory:

    Lower operational costs with Idhammar Systems

    Lowering Operational Costs

    Minimise loss with Idhammar Systems

    Minimising Loss

    Reduce downtime with Idhammar Systems

    Reducing Downtime

    Eliminate disruption with Idhammar Systems

    Eliminating Disruption

    Our solutions suite: Modules

    The complete suite of CMMS and OEE tools for maintaining your assets and/or optimising production.

    Asset Management

    From easy-view asset register, to work management, to planned maintenance, this module enables you to see precisely what needs attention, where, and when. Avoid unplanned downtime and the associated costs.

    Condition Tracker

    Detect faults easily through regular condition monitoring. Quality assessors and calibration specialists gain easy and fast access to accurate, ongoing records and verification that all relevant legal, quality, environmental and safety tests are up to date.

    OEE Monitoring

    Capture labour costs on a granular level – per asset, per shift, product or work order. Minimise waste, identify issues with sub-standard production, and provide quality assurance and customer or regulatory audit information.

    Data Capture

    Increase your overall production and productivity. Enable shop-floor operators to capture the right data, quickly and accurately. The data can then be compared and analysed, and improvement opportunities prioritised.

    Inventory Management

    Eliminate stock-outs through automatic re-ordering. This module provides real-time, online stock-out management, helping engineers within your organisation avoid multiple journeys to check, book or obtain parts or components.


    Measuring every relevant parameter on the production line drives lean production goals. This module enables you to compare actual performance to your goals and targets, addressing critical areas in the moment, rather than in the future.

    Core Analysis

    Core analysis of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) provides ‘What-if’ evaluations to assess the impact of using particular machines, components, or shifts within your organisation; accurately plan, monitor, and encourage progress by setting specific targets and completion dates.

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    Idhammar Systems are certified for Quality (ISO 9001) and Information Security (ISO 27001)

    While enablement is important, empowerment holds greater value. With Idhammar’s CMMS software, not only do your processes function more effectively, but your teams also become highly motivated and reassured by the technology used and the priority placed on worker safety.

    ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications

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