Supported CMMS Software

In addition to continuously developing the Idhammar CMMS software, Idhammar Systems also supports a number of legacy CMMS solutions, and is the dedicated UK distributor for the API Maintenance System in partnership with API PRO.

API PRO Maintenance System


Ideal for large international companies requiring localised language versions and global, multi-lingual support, the latest version features a three tier architecture which almost eliminates network traffic and enables the system to run fast and smoothly on Wide Area Networks and via the internet – making it a powerful solution for large organisations with a geographically dispersed work force. Users requiring extended functionality such as Advance Planning Tool Management and a Production Calendar could consider API.

MainMan, Ctek2000 & COMAC


Idhammar Systems deliver service and support for legacy CMMS solutions including Ctek2000, MainMan and COMAC. No further versions of these CMMS are planned but supported users are able to migrate to the latest version of the Idhammar System on a like for like basis with no charge being made for the software.

How to choose CMMS

Idhammar CMMS is a ‘best of breed’ system that supports Engineering Director’s TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) Strategies and interfaces with a range of corporate systems including MES & ERP (including SAP), Financial, Time Monitoring and CAD systems to improve the professionalism and visibility of the engineering department.

Returning ROI – Fast

Typically achieving ROI within 6-12 months of implementation, the Idhammar CMMS supports year on year reductions in maintenance costs of between 5 and 15%. If your current maintenance operation is predominantly reactive, you can expect an even greater return on investment.

Speak to us about CMMS

The Idhammar CMMS systems are used internationally in companies of all sizes, in a broad range of industries. If you would like to find out more about the Idhammar Systems and how these can work for your business, contact us today.