OEE Reporting

DWOR (Daily, Weekly Operations Report) – measuring and improving performance


This report is used to measure and record the daily and weekly performance of manufacturing operations. The data can then be used to monitor against KPI’s and highlight areas where improvements need to be made.

OEE Dashboards – keeping everyone on track and in the loop


With operations data available at the touch of a button, Idhammar OEE Dashboards eliminates the need to spend time manipulating data, freeing staff to focus on the Improvement Agenda. With highly flexible, user-defined fields such as production areas, asset hierarchy, failure events, process data and products, the OEE Dashboard Reports are easy to interpret and engage staff by ensuring job-holders are clear on their performance against target.

ANDON Displays – motivating line improvement teams


Displaying real-time intelligence on the OEE of the line, ANDON Boards are placed at the end of the production line to provide line-specific KPIs for use by the line improvement teams. The displays automatically refresh content and check to see if OEE Business Alert conditions have been met (Waste above a certain level, Down-time for the shift over 30 minutes, ‘Short Order’ position, or Throughput below target).

OEE Business Alerts – accelerating response times to failure


Designed to automate the escalation process, OEE Business Alerts ensure that relevant people are involved with rectifying problems, and that management teams are notified of the severity and time taken to resolve delays to production. Alerts can be communicated via SMS, e-mail and/or Dashboards and Andon Displays to private, public, or user defined groups. Works Orders can be automatically sent to a CMMS system to ensure critical issues are not overlooked in shift handovers.

OEE Score Report – real-time visibility of production


The graphical OEE Score Report shows the OEE % and is based on the date and time range and asset level set within the report generation page, whilst the text report page displays the Availability, Performance, Quality and OEE %.

OEE Detail Report – informing decision-making


The OEE Detail Report displays allocated and unallocated time, potential performance lost time, % results for OEE, total units and waste recorded. User defined reporting is available in addition to a wide range of specified graph and text reports, providing up to the minute performance metrics at the touch of a button.

The Waterfall Report – making every second of production count


This report highlights how well, or how badly, your production operation has performed. The scheduled production time starts at the top of the waterfall with the OEE; Availability, Performance and Quality values, then graphically cascading down the ‘waterfall’ to display the time the company has actually spent on value added activity.

Top Events Reports – making action unavoidable


View all assets that have time booked against them. Report shows total lost time for each event type. There is also an option to check the Top 5 Events by Time and Frequency, which shows lost time for all event classes and the number of times the events occurred. Graph report shows total time and number of times the events occurred for Utilisation, Availability and Performance.

Improve OEE

Using the OEE calculation, a gap analysis compares current plant efficiency with the target/benchmark score in order to identify opportunities to increase production. Often a 1% improvement in OEE equates to a step-function improvement and can result in savings of thousands towards the bottom-line.

Speak to us about OEE

The Idhammar OEE systems are used internationally in companies of all sizes, in a broad range of industries. If you would like to find out more about the Idhammar Systems and how these can work for your business, contact us today.