OEE Monitoring

Productivity Monitor – identifying labour recovery opportunities


Comparing actual labour used within the process with the established target crew size to monitor the labour cost per product made. Set labour rates for different skills levels to identify an accurate Overall Labour Effectiveness score or OLE. Used with Idhammar Systems’ data capture solution, crew numbers are recorded as the production run starts, adjusting as necessary during the run. Productivity Reports include Labour cost by asset, by shift, by product and by work order.

Quality Monitor – improving batch traceability


Configurable to monitor any CONTENT, PARAMETER and FREQUENCY, the OEE Quality Monitor alerts managers to sub-standard production, helping to minimise waste and provide quality assurance and customer or regulatory audit information. Tasks are triggered according to user-defined inspection schedules and results can be recorded in real-time via an easy to use touch-screen. The Quality Monitor then automatically records the results, and reports back, notifying of any exceptions to the quality thresholds.

Energy Monitor – reducing your carbon footprint


Increases in OEE scores are accompanied by increases in energy efficiency and corresponding reductions in energy consumption. The Energy Monitor provides real-time intelligence on: Water and energy consumption trends by site, area, line, cost; Water and energy comparisons by units produced; Highest consumption assets by meter type; and Consumption against time.

Shift & Trend Monitoring


Details about shift performance are critical to line operators to keep production on track, whilst clear high-level reporting enables management to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to progress improvement projects. From group level, to division, site, line, and key asset, Idhammar OEE’s graphical and intuitive user interfaces monitor a range of key metrics in user-friendly formats, ensuring the entire team is working towards accelerating manufacturing and maintenance response time to recovery.

Improve OEE

Using the OEE calculation, a gap analysis compares current plant efficiency with the target/benchmark score in order to identify opportunities to increase production. Often a 1% improvement in OEE equates to a step-function improvement and can result in savings of thousands towards the bottom-line.

Speak to us about OEE

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