Informative and in-depth reports exploring manufacturing efficiency software


icon-10NEWIdhammar OEE – ‘The Business Case’

This new whitepaper outlines the operational and financial benefits of implementing an OEE System to measure, analyse and improve operations.


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icon-10NEWIdhammar MMS – ‘The Business Case’

This new whitepaper looks the real benefits a CMMS can bring to an organisation and summarises a range of considerations prior to choosing and implementing a CMMS for your maintenance operation.


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icon-10CMMS, OEE and Energy Monitoring – ‘Production Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency’

This latest whitepaper looks at modern production effectiveness and examines why energy efficiency is a critical element in the compound measure of profitability.


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icon-10The Concept of OEE – ‘The concept and calculation of overall equipment effectiveness’

This whitepaper explains OEE within the context of Lean Manufacturing and shows how to calculate the OEE score accurately.  The paper also explains the benefits of moving from a spreadsheet monitoring system to an automated OEE management system.


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icon-10Benefits of OEE Systems – ‘Making every second count in today’s production environment’

Examining the case for replacing OEE spreadsheets with an automated system, this whitepaper explores five key features and benefits of implementing an OEE system over MES and ERP systems – and calculates the typical ROI.


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icon-10Implementing OEE Systems – ‘Best Practices for Continuous Improvement Programmes’

This whitepaper is intended for organisations that are considering the implementation of an OEE System. It explains some best practices for approaching an OEE system implementation and recommends ways to overcome potential objections and organisational resistance to such a project including an ‘OEE Amnesty’ and the level of improvement teams should expect in a 12 month period.


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icon-10OEE and Energy Saving – ‘Reduce your carbon footprint with Overall Equipment Effectiveness’

Increasing your OEE score not only means enhanced production capacity, but greater energy efficiency too, resulting in visible benefits to the bottom-line.  This whitepaper examines the major contributors to wasted energy and how OEE Systems can provide the platform for greater efficiency.


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icon-10The future of CMMS Whitepaper – ‘the road ahead for CMMS’

This paper discusses 5 key trends which are making the use of CMMS a business imperative including the consequences of experienced maintenance engineering retiring, the Walmart factor, and increasingly ambitious environmental targets.


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