WCM Datasheet

icon-09Idhammar WCM – automating World Class Manufacturing methodologies

This new datasheet explores Idhammar WCM, which supports World Class Manufacturing methodology by automating processes to help manufacturing and maintenance teams improve transparency, communication and productivity.


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OEE Datasheets

icon-09Idhammar OEE – the vital production support toolkit for Manufacturing Managers

This new Datasheet explores how users from shop floor to boardroom can achieve greater control of daily plant management with Idhammar OEE. Quantify and analyse every second of production; Identify lost opportunities in your plant and processes; Manage and prioritise the changes required to improve profitability.


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icon-09Idhammar OEE & IBM Maximo

This Datasheet covers the new integration between Idhammar OEE and IBM Maximo Asset Management Software, saving time, improving visibility and traceability and the overall efficiency of both spheres of operation.


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icon-09Idhammar Line Data Portal – Intelligent capture of production line (shop floor) data to drive continuous improvement

This Datasheet discusses the Idhammar OEE Line Data Portal and its key features, including: Automatic and manual Line Data Portal; Flexible configuration; and Real time failure analysis.


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icon-09Idhammar OEE Energy Monitor – Smart energy savings

This Datasheet covers the key benefits and features of the Energy Monitor Software, including real time intelligence and reporting which provides the basis for smarter decision-making.


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icon-09Idhammar OEE Quality Monitor – Paperless control of compliance and reporting

This Datasheet covers some key features of the Quality Monitor Software, including: Real time compliance reporting; Improved batch traceability; and Visible results.


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icon-09Idhammar OEE Dashboards Datasheet – Providing real-time operational intelligence

This Dashboards Datasheet focuses on how this OEE software can provide; flexible reporting, benefits to the bottom line and the continuous monitoring of plant assets.


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icon-09Idhammar OEE Reporting – Keeping the entire team focussed on improving

This Idhammar Datasheet covers the OEE Reporting modules that are available as part of the OEE system.


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icon-09Idhammar OEE vs Spreadsheets – Understanding how our system compares to the widely used OEE calculation spreadsheet process

This Datasheet helps you understand how the Idhammar system compares to the widely used OEE calculation spreadsheet process.


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CMMS Datasheets

icon-09Idhammar MMS – A CMMS designed for Maintenance Managers by Maintenance Engineers

This datasheet focuses on the key features and benefits of Idhammar MMS; professional browser-based & mobile maintenance. Designed to help maintenance teams maximise asset performance by providing real-time reporting KPIs to alert Engineers to issues as they arise. Idhammar MMS supports mobile working to speed up processes and shorten lead times.


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icon-09NEWIdhammar MMS Mobile Maintenance – working smarter with Smartphone technology

Idhammar MMS provides mobile functionality for iOS and Android devices, synchronising engineers’ Work Orders wirelessly with the central CMMS, meaning the maintenance system is always close at hand. Idhammar MMS is compatible with any authentic and reputable smartphone or tablet device


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icon-09Idhammar MMS Reporting – Browser based, real-time reporting

Idhammar REPORTS delivers visually attractive, accurate and easy to understand real-time reporting on asset performance. The reporting suite allows maintenance managers and other stakeholders to identify trends and operational issues as they arise.

Drill down reporting capabilities with easy to interpret graphical interfaces, the reporting suite allows users from factory floor to boardroom to achieve greater control and deliver informed decisions.


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icon-09Idhammar MMS Condition Tracker Datasheet – Enhancing your predictive maintenance and calibration management

The Idhammar MMS Datasheet focuses on some of the main features and benefits of the Condition Tracker, including:  A Single repository; User defined inspection templates; and Flexibility.


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icon-09Idhammar MMS vs Spreadsheets – Understanding how our system compares to the widely used maintenance spreadsheet process

This Datasheet helps you understand how our system compares to the widely used maintenance spreadsheet process.


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Miquest Datasheets

icon-09NEWMiquest Bulk Scanning Facility – Speeding up your inventory process

Miquest Bulk Scanning Facility uses Ultra High Frequency RFID tags to enable the user to capture the location of multiple assets in a single process.

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icon-09Miquest Mobile – Managing assets on the move

Miquest Mobile and Tablet applications are the perfect solution for remote working.


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icon-09Miquest MiDisplay – Customisable, flexible, real-time reporting

MiDisplay application is designed to present key performance information to any browser on any PC / display, any time.


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icon-09Miquest CMMS – Trusted by the Emergency Services

Proven to speed up repair processes, demonstrate compliance and reduce lost equipment.


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