Customers ahead of the Data Curve with Idhammar OEE

January 23, 2018

We are pleased to report that a key Idhammar OEE customer, who is a leading international supplier of paper based packaging solutions, has installed our software on 3 more of their filling machines. This brings the total number of our customer’s filling machines worldwide optimised with Idhammar OEE to 81.

Industry 4.0 Data Gathering with OEEThe packaging group selected Idhammar OEE to help measure and improve performance, and to help them maximise support for their customers. Since 2012 they have installed Idhammar OEE in all new filling machines and are retro fitting existing equipment to provide detailed and accurate production and performance data.

With Idhammar OEE this global company, with operations in more than 40 markets throughout the world, is ahead of the manufacturing data curve, and is able to realise the benefit of vastly improved quality of data they can gather and analyse.

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